Is There A Correlation Between People In Finance And Metal Music?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Metal music’ or heavy metal? You can easily visualize blaring sounds and aggressive music with a lot of head banging and general elevated levels of energy.

Now if I asked you to think of a person working in the finance industry or using the Millionaire Blueprint, what comes to your mind? You will immediately think of an office set up with people in nice suits and probably wearing nerdy glasses too. There is hardly any loud noise that you associate such a person with.

But what if I told you that these analytical individuals in finance prefer heavy metal music to mellow music? I’m sure you will be quite surprised because that is the response I have got from every other person so far.

So how did I find out this unusual connection and why should you believe it? Well, to speak the truth, I did not find out the connection. It was based on a research conducted by the University of Cambridge. According to this research, it was found that the type of music you listen to is not random but is dictated by how you think. The converse is also true that based on one’s cognitive style and personality, it is also possible to guess the type of music they would listen to.

Empathisers and systemisers

As part of the research, people were asked to fill out questionnaires and each person would fall under two different types of personalities. The two types are ‘Empathisers’ and Systemisers’. An empathizer is more caring, emotional and is in general able to empathize with others. Systemisers on the other hand like analytical and logical thinking.

But this is just a wide classification and nobody strictly belongs to either of the groups. So if you are a systemiser you don’t have to worry thinking that you are not good at empathizing with people. It is just that empathisers are able to do this to a much higher degree than you.

So what kind of music do people in finance like?

The research found out that systemisers like aggressive, complex music like heavy metal music and death metal. On the other hand, empathisers like very soft and mellow music like soft rock, R & B and even folk. So clearly if you are in finance and find yourself listening to more metal, then it is not by chance. It is because of the way your brain thinks.

It gets even better!

The result of the research doesn’t just stop at explaining why one likes a particular type of music. Now you can even make yourself empathetic by simply listening to the kind of music that empathisers like. Research like this has so much promise for the future, where music could be even used to treat various disorders of the mind. That would also mean there are no side effects!!!!