A Music Business Course For The Metal Musician

Metal music has come a long way from the days when it was looked down as anti-social and rebellious kind of music. Being anti-social could be somehow profitable – just see how much those ones who just stay home and use Orion Code make per month. The fact that New College Nottingham has even introduced a two-year course in heavy metal music stands testimony to this fact.

Heavy metal musicians are free-spirited individuals who are not afraid to express their views through music. Though popular bands like ‘Metallica’ have made it big, the sad truth is that there are many metal musicians that are struggling to earn their livelihood through their music.

Due to this you either have musicians who are trying to make ends meet or find that they have found other jobs to earn their livelihood. But not anymore, as now there is a dedicated business course just for musicians, called Music Business.

Here is a list of various colleges and universities that offer a music business course

  • Berklee College of Music in Boston
  • The Harris Institute in Toronto
  • New Jersey City University
  • The College of Saint Rose in New York
  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • Syracuse University
  • The University of Colorado in Denver
  • William Paterson University in New Jersey
  • The University of Miami

What is a music business course?

When you are a metal musician, you tend to spend more time on making your music than working out a way to sell it. A music business course is similar to any other business course, but has been tailor-made just for musicians. You get to learn the commercial aspects of the music industry which will give you an in-depth understanding of how people make money out of their music.

You can choose to take this course either at the bachelor’s or the master’s level. For the more serious, you can consider taking both the course in metal music and a music business course. Here is a list of things that a typical music business course will cover.

  • Money market in the music business
  • Crowdfunding as a means to sponsor music
  • Business loans
  • Business administration
  • Financial accounting
  • Copyrights and their legal aspects
  • Stocks and IPOs
  • Artist management
  • Entrepreneurship

Advantages of a music business course

Hands-on training

You will get hands-on training as part of your course where you can involve yourself in the various activities of a real music group or a music association.


As part of the course, you will be able to interact with musicians in the field and also work in close association with them. You will also be interning at artist managing companies, music channels and record labels to see what goes behind the scenes.

Career options

A music business course lets you explore other career options in the music industry. Instead of only looking at forming your own metal band, you can also manage one or create a record label to promote other metal musicians or even become a sound engineer.


Like most other college courses, all you will need is a high school graduation to be eligible to take up a music business course.