Business Lessons From Metal Music Bands

Yes you read that right! It is a known fact that thousands of students flock to business schools year after year trying to understand how businesses work. But while a structured business course can help you get a grip of the subject, books can teach you only so much. You could even think of trading with the Quantum Code.

Even if metal music is not the type of music you listen to, there is so much more to these bands than just long hair and loud, aggressive music. They have their own fan following and are able to do that successfully. These heavy metal bands have been around since the 1960s and they definitely did not have a music business course like we do today. So how do they keep their fans and earn their living. Here are some business lessons that you can learn from these metal musicians.

Do what you love

I can safely say that every successful musician got to the top because they went after their passion instead of just choosing a job that will earn their bread. A budding artist would take up the opportunity to play at even a small gig if that meant he can play his favorite music. He wouldn’t simply go knocking the doors of a record label instead. Clearly, if you have a passion for selling, you are going to be definitely better than someone who took it up because it was lucrative.

Stand up for yourself

Heavy metal stars are known for being assertive and they never give in to criticism. Likewise, if you love to have your own business and there is someone telling you otherwise, you should be able to stand up for your own decision.

Love your fans

No matter how much time heavy metal bands put into making their music, they always spend enough time for their fans. This does not mean only going on world tours and meeting their fans, it could simply even reflect in their music. So no matter what business you run, your customers should be your main focus, without which you won’t be able to grow much.


Many people who are into a business become all serious and think that there is no room for fun. This is why you should definitely look at a heavy metal band even if you don’t like the music. The musicians have so much fun when they are playing their music which is actually their work. They also make sure their fans have as much fun too. So if you have fun doing business, there is no reason why you shouldn’t share it with your customers.

Stay true to yourself

Many metal bands lost their popularity not because their music became stale, but because they tried something different that they did not believe in. This does not mean that you don’t look at exploring new opportunities and ideas. But when you do so, it is very important to stay true to your core beliefs and principles. Otherwise, you can be sure that people will start looking elsewhere, be it metal music fans or your customers.